As a startup lab and accelerator we invest time and ressources into various tech oriented projects.

Great projects often start with a simple idea.

Then it’s all a matter of execution. No matter how good of an idea you may have a wrong execution can kill any project.

Over the past years we experienced many situations with various ending. We learned a lot about what are the key elements of great startups. Startups that achieve to grow to mature companies with a long term vision and product to market fit.

From founders looking for mentoring to startups in early stages looking for seed investment and complementary ressources, we work with all kind of great people on exciting projects and growing startups.

We also start a lot of new exciting internal projects and we are always looking for talented people to join our team and help us.

And if you are interested to invest in our portfolio, we always welcome new investors.

OUR Projects and investments

Our portfolio speaks better than words!


An All-in-One Multi CDN service that provides optimal performances for premium brands and entities.


Increase customer satisfaction and grow your revenue opportunities with Business Instant Messaging.

Moving Waldo

Your moving checklist that tackles all painful moving tasks with you.

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We're a remote company.

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